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Three Questions: Pawan Kumar Ruia, Chairman, Ruia Group, on the Economy the day after the Elections.

Pawan Kumar Ruia, takeover tycoon, dubbed the man with the Midas’ Touch, is at the helm of a group that comprises of, among others,heritage Engineering giant Jessop, generic Tyre maker Dunlop, and industrial interests spread across the world. His response: Q1. What according to you should be the top three priorities for the next Government?

What is Pawan Ruia up to? Jessop, Dunlop and West Bengal’s Industrial resurgence – Chawm Ganguly

Frequent cases of trespassing, theft of expensive machine parts, unconcerned police, militant trade unionism and poor productivity force a 225 year old heritage engineering company to the brink. The administration scales the peak of their ham-handed callousness. The owner calls the bluff and forces a stalemate, from which he “allegedly” hopes to emerge with a

Jessop an Obituary (1788 – 2013) : Chawm Ganguly

15th November 2013. Even as you read this piece, the death knell of the 225 year old heritage engineering giant Jessop & Company has begun tolling, in the process sealing the fate of 685 workers directly. The shutdown, which is now just a matter of time, will also mean the end of an Engineering legacy

Men Who Matter : Pawan Kumar Ruia

Pipri, 21 KMs from Renukoot, in Uttar Pradesh. Call it the back of beyond, or the edge of the Hindi heartland, this idyllic town with its pristine environs has made its way into the corporate folklore of India. For, it was here that the irreplaceable Pawan Kumar Ruia, the single handed creator of the Ruia

Dunlop pays one month’s salary to Sahaganj workers

Kolkata, 19 October: As a testimony of  its sincerity to reopen the Sahaganj plant of Dunlop India Ltd,  the company has paid all its workers of the plant one month’s outstanding wages today, on the eve of Durga Puja and Eid, the biggest festivals of West Bengal. Understandably, the company with its plants closed has