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Political Campaigns going digital this elections

Arvind Kejriwala, Kiran Bedi and Ajay Makhen are reaching out to general public via frankly.me    New Delhi, 4th Febraury, 2015 :  Young and active Indian social media users are adding a whole new dimension to the social debates around political developments. Political parties are spending enormously to woo them and make them their supporters.

Confabulations from a Condemned Condom-Nation – Chawm Ganguly

50 Condom slogans to overcome the overdose of the Elections This has certainly been the most abrasively fought election to my knowledge. All norms of decency have been thrown like the proverbial baby with the bathwater and each day, we have stretched the nadir to a new low. Minions from every side of the ideological

The drunks of democracy – Chawm Ganguly

We hardcore drunkards have this love-hate relationship with the Elections. Ever notice how the very first thing they do once the Elections are declared is to put a blanket ban on booze? Just because a bunch of politicians who feed on bribes and quench their thirst by sucking the blood of the poor will do

Three Questions: D.K. Ojha, Chairman, Global Coke, on the Economy the day after the Elections.

Devendra Kumar Ojha, a professional turned entrepreneur, is the CMD of Global Coke Limited apart from having substantial interests in international trading, amusement and the realty sectors responds: Q1. What according to you should be the top three priorities for the next Government? A: Top priorities 1. Population control by enforcing “one child policy” for next