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Sudden Cardiac Death a Major Health Challenge; Better Risk Evaluation, Lifestyle Modifications Crucial

Dr Aparna Jaswal, a leading Delhi-based expert in the field of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology, delivers a highly informative talk for cardiologists and physicians in Agra   Major surge in cardiovascular diseases in northern India due to unhealthy lifestyles and lack of physical activity   Agra, July 9, 2015: Sudden cardiac deaths are one of

Hypertension leads from heart attack to vision loss- it is important to educate people about the risk

according to World Health Organization’s statistics, one in three adults across the globe has hypertension. The prevalence of high blood pressure is rampant in Indian adults as well in both urban and rural areas. Ludhiana; May 17, 2015: Unlike popular belief that high blood pressure will come with signals such as headache or dizziness, in

Extreme Cold Not good for the Heart: Prevent Heart Trouble in winters

Dr. T. S. Kler, Executive Director (Cardiac Sciences), Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi.   As the temperature stays on the lower side of the mercury, cardiologists across north India are advising heart patients to be watchful. Extreme cold weather not just brings flu and asthma attacks in its wake, it also increases