EUROFER monthly steel market update: December

Strengthening Trend EU steel market looks set  to continue in 2015     The latest economic surveys show that following a weakening trend in Q3 most indicators stabilised lately. Geopolitical concerns appear to have ebbed away to some extent in recent months. EUROFER foresees for 2015 continued but slow growth, although the outlook remains vulnerable

EUROFER: Chinese steel imports confuse buyers in Europe as Chinese steel producers exploit the export tax regime 

Steel supplied on the EU market by European steel producers complies with the European regulations and standards. “Steel made in Europe means reliability in trade, stability of properties during processing and safety in the use of the material”, EUROFER Director Axel Eggert says. This is not guaranteed in the case of Chinese steel imported in

AXEL EGGERT new Director General of EUROFER

Axel Eggert is nominated Director General of EUROFER on November 1, 2014. From 2007 to September 2014 Eggert was EUROFER’s Director for Public Affairs and Communication and since 1st of October he is acting Director General. Axel Eggert joined EUROFERin November 2007 as a Director for Public Affairs and Communication. On 1 November 2014 he

EUROFER steel market update

EU steel imports continued to rise in July and August   The latest EU customs statistics show that third country imports remained on a rising trend in July and August: finished steel imports rose 32 percent year-on-year, compared with a 6 percent rise in Q1 and 33 percent rise in Q2. This means that over

EUROFER welcomes Energy Efficiency proposals

Enhanced energy efficiency is part of business optimization. But absolute cap on energy consumption is the wrong signal and hampers innovation. Innovative steel products – such as anti-corrosive coating – need higher energy consumption in the production phase The European steel industry welcomes the Commission communication on energy efficiency as a contribution to climate protection, energy

EUROFER calls for a strong and decisive new European Commission as well as a vivid,European Parliament, which focuses on competitiveness, growth and jobs in Europe.

“Top-Commission-Position important, but what counts in Europe is industrial competitiveness, innovation and growth” Today´s informal dinner of the Heads of State and Governments is the starting point of a new Commission. For the first time, the result of the European Elections has to be taken into account in appointing the President of the European Commission.

64 CEOs of the European steel industry sign an open letter to the EU Heads of State and Governments

It can work. Climate Objectives, industrial growth and Jobs are compatible. #EUCO 20-21 March 2014               On 20/21 March, the EU Heads of state and governments will discuss about EU industrial competitiveness and energy and climate targets. “We all share the ambition to find an effective response to climate change. However, hopes for the

EUROFER urges EU industry ministers to re-establish favorable business environment for industrial growth and jobs in Europe

Meeting of the EU’s Competitiveness Council on 20/21 February 2014 On 20/21 February the EU industry ministers will kick-off the political debate on EU industrial competitiveness in the run-up to the March 2014 European Council. EUROFER director general Gordon Moffat: ““This spring in Brussels is a unique opportunity to safeguard the global competitiveness of Europe’s

EU Steel Market: Gearing up for Recovery

EUROFER’s Q1-2014 Economic & Steel Market Outlook foresees that momentum in the EU steel market will strengthen in 2014 and 2015.   In the second half of 2013 the EU remained on track for continued but rather fragile economic growth. Meanwhile, forward looking indicators strengthened further to post-2011 peaks, sugges­ting that a slightly more pronoun­ced

“Commission’s new industrial policy just empty words?”

Commission decision on EU ETS further increases unilateral cost burden for EU industry   EUROFER has strong concerns about the European Commission decision on Member States’ national implementation measures (NIMs) for the third EU ETS trading period. The decision, adopted last Thursday, applies the so-called cross-sectoral correction factor cutting benchmark-based free allocation for industrial installations