EUROFER disappointed by ENVI decision on backloading

EUROFER is disappointed by the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee’s vote to pave the way for withholding CO2 emissions allowances from the European carbon market. Gordon Moffat, Director General of the European Steel Association: “Artificially increasing the carbon price by withholding or removing allowances will undermine the competitiveness of European industries by increasing energy bills even

Eurofer – EU in calmer waters but 2013 prospects remain bleak

Despite several economic indicators edging up since November last year, EUROFER’s Q1-2013 Economic & Steel Market Outlook signals that for the time being the EU steel market looks set to remain stuck in reverse gear. Since late 2012, several economic indicators such as the EU economic sentiment indicator and PMI output indices are improving. Also

EUROFER welcomes parliament resolution on EU steel industry

The steel industry is essential for growth and prosperity in Europe. It is in the interest of the whole European Union and its manufacturing sectors to have a competitive steel industry and to secure supply through domestic production. Strategic initiatives are needed, therefore, to support the sector and to keep it in Europe. This is

EUROFER: Concerns about Glencore/Xstrata remain

EUROFER criticizes the European Commission’s approval of the Glencore/Xstrata merger. Remedies addressing zinc supplies, the European Steel Association says, are not sufficient to shield the European market from the dominant influence of one supplier. The European steel industry, which uses the lion’s share of zinc metal traded in Europe, will still have to face a

EUROFER warns against Commission proposal to withhold 900 million CO2 certificates from the EU emissions trading market in 2013 to 2015

Higher energy and carbon costs will not get Europe out of its crisis “Artificially increasing the carbon price by withholding or removing allowances from the emissions trading system will undermine the competitiveness of European industries and increase the energy bill for consumers even more,” says EUROFER Director General Gordon Moffat. “This is counterproductive in times

EUROFER – Uncertainty grips EU as risks mount and policy action is delayed

EUROFER’s Q4-2012 Economic & Steel Market Outlook shows that the outlook for the EU steel market has darkened further in recent months. Low levels of confidence reflect that uncertainty has taken hold across all sectors of the EU economy, from the financial and retail sector to services, industry, construction and consumers, fuelling risk aversion and