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To e-, or not to e-, the question for the exotic “Si-III” phase of silicon

Washington, DC—It would be difficult to overestimate the importance of silicon when it comes to computing, solar energy, and other technological applications. (Not to mention the fact that it makes up an awful lot of the Earth’s crust.) Yet there is still so much to learn about how to harness the capabilities of element number

Exotic Spa experiences in Florida

Enjoy rejuvenating spa experiences on your next vacation to the Sunshine State   Mumbai, 4th January, 2017 – A vacation to Florida conjures up images of surfing, sand, shopping and sizzling nightlife. After a few days of exploring, take some time to relax.  The spas in Florida are top-notch and promise transformational indulgence. You can

Actress Tanisha Singh exotic summer holiday

The summers has finally hit Mumbai, the mercury was seen soaring and it’s time for everyone to make some changes and to beat the heat. The summers have struck a bad chord compelling not only normal individuals, but even Bollywood celebs, Politicians, Businessman to sneak out to exotic beach locations for a cool holiday. Recently

Experience the exotic Blueberry Cheese Cake Massage @ Tamaya Spa Jaypee Agra  

A soothing retreat that helps you relax-rest-and-rejuvenate   Tamaya Spa at Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Center Agra introduces the heavenly Blueberry Cheese Cake massage. A soothing experience which not only helps you relax but also leaves your skin soft and glowing like never before! This tension taming massage begins with an amazing softening nut scrub containing