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Asepto Holography Packs by Uflex grab eyeballs at Propak China 2018

Attracts interests of global beverage manufacturers for its distinctive holographic packs July 24, 2018, Noida (India) / Shanghai: Uflex Limited made an astounding impact at the Propak China exhibition that was held during 11–13 July 2018 in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), Shanghai, China. The company showcased its ASEPTO brand—an aseptic liquid packaging brand crafted

Advertising Mistakes Banks Commit – Anup Kumar Agarwalla

We trust them with our life’s savings. We pay for their services, often through our noses. And, it is the money that they make off us, that is used to pay for those glossy ad’s that stare at you from the magazines, hoardings and television commercials. Naturally, the least that we can do, as loyal

Social Media – top trends for 2017 and beyond. Chawm Ganguly

Wither to Social Media? How do we ride the new boom to reach out and join the conversations happening around our brands, that too, in real time? What are the key areas that should concern us? How do we engage customers, both real and potential? How do we dominate the social media space? Can the

Social Media’s Top 10 Corporate Communication FAQs Answered – Chawm Ganguly

Social Media Corporate Communication – FAQ’s So you want to take your Client’s PR efforts into the realm of the Social Media? Great. But be prepared, even before they tell you that the means (read cost) will not justify the end, there will be questions galore. Here are the top 10 that I encounter on