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Fake News, filter bubbles, post truth afflict others: Ipsos Survey

Majority of Indians can spot Fake News, though not every time Indians’ trust in politicians and media is declining New Delhi, Sept. 13, 2018: According to a new survey by Ipsos and as a part of the long running series on misperceptions of social realities – The Perils of Perception – more number of Indians

Clairety, The First Company to Combat Fake News and Disinformation,Announces ICO and Private Pre-Sale Bonuses

March 16, 2018 — New York City — Clairety, the world’s first completely objective AI-driven rating agency to determine the credibility of social media content, has announced its Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) beginning on the 20th of March 2018. Clairety uses an artificial intelligence system to track the credibility of all social media contributors and

68% of APAC residents believe there is a problem with fake news on digital platforms 

“Fake news” is one of the buzz phrases of 2017. First coined during the US presidential election last year, the term has taken on a life of its own and is now part of common parlance for many broadcasters, commentators and consumers alike. New research by YouGov, the world’s leading online research firm, reveals that

Social Media – top trends for 2017 and beyond. Chawm Ganguly

Wither to Social Media? How do we ride the new boom to reach out and join the conversations happening around our brands, that too, in real time? What are the key areas that should concern us? How do we engage customers, both real and potential? How do we dominate the social media space? Can the