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International Panel Calls for End to Global War on Fossil Fuels

OCTOBER 5, 2018 – More than 100 leading scholars from 12 countries have issued a report contending “the global war on fossil fuels … was never founded on sound science or economics” and urging the world’s policymakers to “acknowledge this truth and end that war.” The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), an independent


Latest BNEF study of comparative costs worldwide shows an 18% improvement in the competitiveness of onshore wind and solar in the last year, and new and rapidly developing roles for batteries London and New York, March 28, 2018 – Coal and gas are facing a mounting threat to their position in the world’s electricity generation

U.S. delegation promotes fossil fuels at COP23, spits in the face of victims of climate change

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. government delegation at the United Nations climate talks in Bonn, Germany will hold an official event promoting fossil fuels on Monday, November 13. The presentation comes as Donald Trump wraps up his five-nation tour of Asia, where he has pushed a wide array of fossil fuel deals. Karen Orenstein, Deputy

Had Coal Not been there – Chawm Ganguly

As the world grapples with the twin menace of Global Warming and Climate Change, Coal is increasingly becoming a dirty word. From Polar bears suffering due to the melting ice caps, to Climate Refugees in Bangladesh waiting for the deluge brought about by the rising sea levels that will spell their doom, everything is traced

Men who Matter: Dr. S.P. Gon Chaudhuri – The Son of the Sun God

Wait for thirty more years. For, within the next three decades, the verdict will be out. The verdict, on the battle between fossil fuels and clean, green,” alternative” sources of energy. Fairy tale? Perish the thought, for scientists from around the world are slowly inching towards the high ground of common consensus. Load shedding will

Koffee with Khetan – ENERGY booster : We have to take up alternative sources of green energy with immediate effect

India’s tryst with economic development is a matter that is beyond compromise. It is also a fact that this path to development will be fuelled by huge amounts of energy. Energy, that will primarily be obtained by burning fossil fuels, of which coal will constitute the lion’s share. To put things in the right perspective,

Government notifies scheme for Financial Restructuring of State Owned Distribution Companies

The Government has notified a scheme for Financial Restructuring of State Owned Distribution Companies (Discoms) on 05.10.2012. The scheme contains various measures required to be taken by State Discoms and State Governments for achieving the financial turnaround of the Discoms by restructuring their debt with support through a Transitional Finance Mechanism by Central Govt. The

Government to provide 24 hours electricity to all households in the country in the next 5 years, says Prime Minister

Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh today said the government aims to provide 24×7 electricity to all households in the country and affordable access to electricity in the next 5 years. One million households in India are now using decentralized solar energy to meet their lighting energy needs, said the Prime Minister. Government is also striving