Ranveer Brar reaching out to his fans via

He has already answered 17 different questions! Including questions like ‘Do you consider Vikas Khanna your friend, enemy or frenemy?’ and how the next season of Masterchef will be different from the last. Again, he has given a string of different answers, which can be presented in a crowd-sourced interview format. Please find all the

Javed Akhtar unplugged on

On being questioned about ‘How to deal with Alcoholism’, Javed Akhtar revealed how all the mistakes he committed in his adult life were a direct result of him being under the influence of Alcohol. He further revealed things like who is his favourite Film-maker, and his ‘One unfulfilled dream’. (He has given 11 video selfie

Experience the Revolution in Cricket Broadcasting

This worldcup, go vocal with presenter commentator Jatin Sapru via   New Delhi, 16th February, 2015 :  The ICC Cricket World Cup fever is soaring high as the official date of its opening i.e 14th February inches closer. The country’s cricket-crazy hounds are ready to stay glued to their television screens and whip up some

Political Campaigns going digital this elections

Arvind Kejriwala, Kiran Bedi and Ajay Makhen are reaching out to general public via    New Delhi, 4th Febraury, 2015 :  Young and active Indian social media users are adding a whole new dimension to the social debates around political developments. Political parties are spending enormously to woo them and make them their supporters. is app that may connect you to your Bollywood idol

New Delhi: At a time when the whole country is abuzz with news and gossip about the Delhi assembly elections, wouldn’t it be cool for any citizen to talk to the two main CM candidates, Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi? The newly launched allows people to do exactly that. The app tries to diminish

Ajaz Khan and Sangram Singh going vocal on, a mobile application which facilitates quick and transparent connection between celebrities and public has been providing a platform to the public figures to connect to the general public. Ajaz Khan, who was asked to leave the Big Boss house under various controversies have joined He is going candid for the first ever time on