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Swine Flu Scare in Punjab: Wash hands, avoid crowded places, boost immunity to prevent spread, say doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala

 ·        So far, over 20 people have died due to swine flu in Punjab state, even as the virus scare spreads throughout the country   ·        Doctors also recommend vaccination for high risk groups including health workers, kids, and people with respiratory diseases   Patiala, Feb, 2015: With swine flu or H1N1 causing a renewed

World Diabetes Day:  Indian Children Increasingly Vulnerable to Diabetes

Rapid Urbanization and shift in socio dynamic factors make children more prone to the risk of Type 2 diabetes   On World Diabetes Day, doctors at Columbia Asia Hospitals,  Gurgaon, advocate more physical activity for children   Gurgaon, Nov, 2014: With 65 million people living with diabetes, health experts acknowledge that India is already facing