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The Azure shades of Green

What does the World Environment Day mean to you? The question, in itself, may sound simple, but when it was posed to a wide cross-section of people, the answers were as baffling as they were callous. Members of the Azure team conducting the survey were naturally aghast by the sheer lack of awareness about the

St. Xavier’s Global Earth Summit IV – International Conference on Global Climate Change and Water Disasters concludes

Kolkata March 29th 2015. The St. Xavier’s Global Earth Summit IV a 3 day International Conference on Global Climate Change and Water Disasters, concluded today. The conference, the first of its kind where Jesuits from around the world participated discussed the threats posed by the twin threats facing mankind – Global Warming and Climate Change

And God created Packaged Drinking Water – Chawm Ganguly

Water,water,everywhere Ever wonder how the multinationals and trans-nationals  of the world (not to forget our own walking-talking advertisements for Make in India) have already converted an “ubiquity” (something that is omnipresent) into a “commodity” that can be commercially exploited. Yes, we are talking of water here – packaged drinking water, if you may. I know

Had Coal Not been there – Chawm Ganguly

As the world grapples with the twin menace of Global Warming and Climate Change, Coal is increasingly becoming a dirty word. From Polar bears suffering due to the melting ice caps, to Climate Refugees in Bangladesh waiting for the deluge brought about by the rising sea levels that will spell their doom, everything is traced

Environment Week @Jaypee Vasant Continental

To promote the green agenda on World Environment’s Day 2014,  Jaypee Vasant Continental is creating awareness drive among its employees with a host of eco- friendly activities.  Some of the activities are also designed to elicit the participation of the guests.   Encouraging the employees to participate and spread the message, the hotel is hosting ‘Go

The Market’s verdict is Out – RIP the Market: Chawm Ganguly

Why do Stock Markets behave the way they do? Why do the Indices go up one day and crash on the very next day, often without any reason – at least, reasons that are visible to ordinary mortals? What does the market “know” that makes it behave in a particular manner that you and I

50 things you can do to arrest climate change and global warming – Chawm Ganguly

As the debate over climate change and global warming heats up (no pun intended), the world is increasingly getting divided between: the “so-called” perpetrators and the sufferers. With voices from both sides becoming shriller, the basic facts are beginning to bet buried, our focus shifting from the necessary to the tinsel. Global Warming and Climate

UNEP Emissions Gap Report shows there is still a chance to limit global warming – Greenpeace

Amsterdam, November 21, 2012 – In response to the release of the UNEP’s third Emissions Gap Report, Kaisa Kosonen, Climate Policy Adviser at Greenpeace International, made the following statement: “In recent weeks we have seen warnings from the World Bank that our current course could lead to a 4 degrees Celsius temperature increase and from

CSE and HSBC announce partnership to give an impetus to environmental governance in India

Will set up a premier Environmental Training Institute near Delhi New Delhi, October 17, 2012: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has joined hands with The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) with the aim of improving environmental governance in India. The two organizations plan to do this by building capacity of environment regulators,

CSE side event in CBD-Hyderabad focuses on views of the youth on environmental negotiations

Panel discussion focuses on rights of communities over resources Sunita Narain moderates discussion; panelists include young students CBD, Hyderabad, October 17, 2012: As the world gathered in Hyderabad in yet another global negotiation exercise to discuss contentious issues surrounding biodiversity and its protection, a group of young students and environmental enthusiasts came together to debate