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Business Urges Governments to Step Up Fight Against Climate Change

Geneva, Switzerland, 29 November 2018 – Heads of 50 major global businesses representing more than $1.5 trillion in total revenue today publish an open letter to world government leaders urging greater collaboration to accelerate outcomes in the race against climate change. Leaders from the Forum’s Alliance of Climate Action CEOs are committed to using their

Governments must move to harness game-changing potential of drones in Africa in order to bolster security and millions of jobs

Brussels, Belgium, 5 June, 2018: Drones can save lives, provide hi-tech rural jobs, and ensure developing countries take a major step forward towards self-sufficiency in food production – but only if governments come up with enabling national regulations governing their use. That is the joint message from agriculture specialists CTA and agricultural drone pioneers Parrot-Airinov.

Cybersecurity Threats Outpacing Abilities of Governments and Companies

The World Economic Forum has released a new report, Cyber Resilience: Playbook for Public-Private Collaboration, to build collaboration across sectors to improve cybersecurity The playbook precedes the launch of a new Global Centre for Cybersecurity at the Annual Meeting 2018 in Davos The report covers access to sensitive data, rules for private companies to respond

Zebi launches Zebi Chain™: A Blockchain based Big Data solution for Governments and Enterprises

  Hyderabad, 8th January 2018: Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. (Zebi) launched its flagship product Zebi Chain™, paving the way for an innovative Blockchain based security Solution for India’s Big Data. Zebi’s solution aims to secure high value and sensitive data elements such as land registry, employee and salary records, pension payments, education and other

Governments Adopt ‘Florence Declaration’ and Agree to Work Closer to Advance Geothermal Energy

Milestone meeting moves nations closer to unlocking more than 200GW of global geothermal energy potential   Florence, Italy, 12 September 2017 —Governments have agreed to work together to identify and implement measures that will significantly increase the speed of geothermal energy development around the world, following a milestone meeting between public and private leaders Florence this

Many governments in Asia Pacific fail to stop corruption; 900 million people are paying bribes – Transparency International 

Approximately 900 million – or just over one in four – people living in 16 countries in Asia Pacific, including some of its biggest economies are estimated to have paid a bribe to access public services, according to a new public opinion poll from the anti-corruption movement Transparency International. Transparency International spoke to nearly 22,000

Governments failing to enact even modest biodiversity targets, warns Greenpeace at biodiversity summit

Cancun, 4 December 2016 – The 13th Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity, meeting in Cancun from 4-17 December, will review progress made towards the implementation of previous key commitments, especially the “Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020” and the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, agreed in 2010. Commenting on the

Corruption on the rise in Africa poll as governments seen failing to stop it

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL ESTIMATES 75 MILLION AFRICANS PAID A BRIBE IN THE PAST YEAR A majority of Africans say corruption has risen in the past 12 months and most governments are seen as failing in their duty to stop the abuse of power, bribery and secret deals, according to a new opinion poll from Transparency International.

UN Climate Deal Will Create Jobs and Growth: Global CEOs Pledge Support for Governments 

UN Climate Deal Will Create Jos and Growth: Global CEOs Pledge Support for Governments Heads of 78 major businesses promise support and urge world leaders to reach an “ambitious” global climate deal The CEOs, who represent $2.13 trillion in revenue – equivalent to India’s GDP, say that an economically sustainable shift to a low-carbon future

The steel industry calls for a reinforced partnership with governments for a sustainable future

  Brussels, 29 July 2015 – The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has published its position paper on environmental change highlighting steel’s contribution to a low carbon society and the need for stronger partnership between governments and the steel industry. Edwin Basson, Director General of worldsteel said: “The steel industry is CO2 and energy intensive by