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Eight more Greenpeace International activists detained in Russia following Arctic oil protest

Amsterdam, 29 September 2013 – A further eight Greenpeace International activists have been detained for two months in Russia pending an investigation into possible charges of piracy. The eight will join 22 others, including a freelance videographer and freelance photographer, detained on Thursday following a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling. Greenpeace International pledged to appeal

Greenpeace International responds to President Putin’s remarks regarding Arctic Sunrise activists

Amsterdam, September 25, 2013 – According to media reports (1), Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that the 30 Greenpeace International activists detained by Russian authorities after an Arctic drilling protest are ‘obviously not pirates’, but has suggested that they may have broken international laws. He made these remarks at an Arctic forum in Salekhard.

Greenpeace International rejects piracy allegations, demands access to detained activists

Amsterdam, September 24, 2013 – Russian authorities today released a new statement (1) regarding Greenpeace International activists on board the ship Arctic Sunrise. The Greenpeace International ship is currently being held outside the port city of Murmansk. The statement announces that the Northwestern Federal District Investigations Directorate has ‘opened a criminal case’ into possible piracy

Greenpeace International dismisses Russian allegations of piracy as ‘unjustified and desperate’

Amsterdam, September 21, 2013 – Greenpeace International has strongly rejected an allegation of piracy leveled at its ship Arctic Sunrise in the Russian Arctic, describing it as a desperate attempt to justify the illegal boarding of its ship in international waters. Thirty activists remain under armed guard and without legal representation after the ship was

World Bank refuses to review its support for logging in tropical rainforests despite criticism from its own independent evaluators

Washington, 11th February 2013 – The World Bank Board of Directors has blocked a call by independent evaluators to review the outcomes of the Bank’s support for industrial-scale logging in tropical rainforests. The evaluators concluded in a report published last Friday that such operations have not been effective in reducing poverty, the World Bank’s core

Government hypocrisy on major projects will lock in climate chaos – Greenprace. New report reveals added emissions from coal, oil and gas projects

Sydney/Davos, January, 22, 2013 — Government hypocrisy on major energy projects is fueling climate change and placing populations at risk, Greenpeace International said as it released a new report revealing the alarming threat posed by a planned massive global increase in emissions from coal, oil and gas projects. The 14 carbon intensive projects highlighted in