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Cocktail of chemicals being released from Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park – Greenpeace investigation

Beijing, 25 May 2017 – A Greenpeace East Asia investigation at the Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province has identified 226 organic chemicals in air, soil and water samples taken in the vicinity of the park. Out of this cocktail of chemicals, only one quarter are subject to safety management as “hazardous chemicals” under

Taiwan’s fisheries plagued by human rights abuses and shark finning – Greenpeace investigation

Taipei, 14 April  2016 – A year-long Greenpeace East Asia investigation into Taiwan’s distant water tuna fisheries has exposed Illegal shark finning, labour and human rights abuses, as well as Taiwan’s failure to adequately address issues such as murder and drug smuggling at sea. The findings released today in a Greenpeace East Asia report come