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Two companies raise funds on GREX

SolarTown Energy Solution and Comarete Technologies cumulatively raise INR 14.1 million   May 4, 2016, Mumbai: In line with its ideology of need based fund raising, GREX, a seamlessly integrated exchange like platform for unlisted companies, has successfully facilitated capital raising for SolarTown Energy Solution and Comarete Technologies on its transaction platform. The two companies

Startups expectations from Budget – Manish Kumar, Co-founder & CEO GREX

Fund of Funds During Startup India policy announcement, government announced that it would create a Fund of Funds (FoF) that would invest in private venture capital funds which in turn will invest in startups. We believe it will be good for the FoF to invest directly in the start-up an amount equal to the amount

Ashith Kampani & Joseph Bosco join GREX as Advisors

Mumbai, November 18, 2015: GREX Alternative Investments Market, a seamlessly integrated exchange-like platform, today announced the appointment two new advisors. Ashith Kampani and Joseph Bosco have been appointed as advisors to GREX, who will bring in their years of deep experience in Capital Markets with them to the company.   Ashith N. Kampani, a very

GREX partners with Orbis as its Settlement Agent and Custodian

Mumbai, October 07, 2015: GREX Alternative Investments Market today announced that it has formally signed an agreement to entrust Orbis Financial Corporation Limited as the transaction settlement partner for the capital raise transactions that will be done through the platform. GREX has built a seamlessly integrated exchange-like platform and its associated ecosystem of participants, to