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It’s an Ad, Mad World! – Anup Kumar Agarwalla

I routinely meet people who try to convince me that what I do for a living – help create dreams that my clients match their goods and services with – is really of no real consequence. That advertising, seldom if ever, create tomes that outlive even their purpose, forget about testing eternity. I will not

Bollywood and Hollywood to Converge at Paris Appreciation Awards 2017

  If Cannes has become the epitome of world cinematic congregation and celebration of magic realism over the years, watch-out for another location which is going to showcase cinematic expression in a different yet alluring display of Joie de vivre. The city of Paris, known for high street fashion, romance and style-quotient of a very


Director and brand ambassador Chad Stahelski continues his successful directing debut with the action packed sequel ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ starring Keanu Reeves and featuring Carl F. Bucherer’s luxury timepieces. Los Angeles, January 30, 2017: Hollywood came out to celebrate the film’s much-anticipated premiere at the ArcLight Theater. The star-studded event was hosted by Swiss


Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, Ed Helms, James Manderson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and other renowned personalities take on a one-on-one adventure challenge of surviving the wild with Bear Grylls New Delhi, January 28, 2016: Famed adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls returns for a second season of ‘RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS’. The programme will take eight

MOVIES NOW – India’s leading Hollywood movie channel – is all set to regale and offer viewers a visit to Singapore and a trip to Universal Studios!

MOVIES NOW gives viewers a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a trip to the Universal Studios, Singapore and groove with the Minions! ~Watch the 7pm movie on MOVIES NOW this week and grab the opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to Singapore!~   National, July 8th 2015: MOVIES NOW – India’s leading

Hollywood Actress Natalia Janoszek in Bollywood movie #Flame

After  Nargis Fakhri, Amy Jackson and Hazel Keech it is now  Natalia Janoszek who wants to take on bollywood by storm. The Indian filmmakers have broadened their horizon and are roping in pageant winners from abroad One such sultry babe  who has got the looks as well as talent Natalia Janoszek, who’s been coveted with

Hollywood calling Actress Palak Shukla

With its eight Oscars and $100-million plus box office take, Slumdog Millionaire is opening America’s eyes to the power of India and its film industry. From “Spiderman” to “Mission Impossible,” Bollywood actors are increasingly finding their way into mainstream Hollywood films. As Hollywood brings more Indian and Asian characters into its stories, established stars in

The Dirty Dozen – How to be a complete jerk in Facebook – Chawm Ganguly

Facebook sucks. Especially if you are a regular and have to shift through tons of unwanted, unwarranted and uncalled for, unsavory posts on a daily basis. As, save for their idiosyncratic streaks, some of these posters are actually friends you would rather not block out completely, you don’t really have a choice. Some Facebook addicts