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10 reasons why your home loan can be rejected post sanction – Mr Brijesh Parnami, Destimoney Advisors

For many it takes years of hard work and determination to be able to see the dream of owning a house come true. Similar was a case with Aakash Sehgal, who always dreamed of calling a home his own ever since he joined his first job, at 23. While he saved persistently be able to

Decoding Tax Benefits on Home Loan: Brijesh Parnami, Chief Executive Officer, Destimoney Advisors

Decoding Tax Benefits on Home Loan   Home loan can be burdensome as you think the interest outgo squeezes your income. But on the contrary, it actually helps you save more money by providing a breather from taxes, writes Brijesh Parnami, Chief Executive Officer, Destimoney Advisors   Tax outgo skims the hard-earned money you make

DHFL revises its home loan interest rate to 9.9%

Mumbai, April 14, 2015: DHFL, India’s second largest housing finance company in the private sector, today revised its home loan rate to 9.90 % p.a. with effect from April 15, 2015. Further to the recent announcement made by the Reserve Bank of India’s decision to cut the interest rates, the step taken by DHFL will

Be A Smart Property Buyer With A Pre-approved Home Loan

Anil Pharande, CMD – Pharande Spaces Home buyers, and especially first-time buyers, would like to be in the best position to make their purchase once they have identified their dream home. The most challenging aspect of home ownership is invariably financing. Questions like which lending institution to approach, what loans should be applied for, how

Planning To Close Your Home Loan Early? Arvind Jain, Managing Director – Pride Group

The most important benefit of closing your home loan early is obvious – you become free of EMIs, which are probably the biggest recurring debt currently straining your monthly income. This is definitely a desirable scenario under the right circumstances. In previous years, the penalty involved in prepaying or closing a home loan was a