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One Of The Nation’s Top Change Agents Helps Others Learn How To Accept And Embrace Change

Morristown, TN, August 6, 2018 ― Change happens, every day. Sometimes it’s positive. Sometimes it’s negative. How you react to it affects your personal and professional growth on more levels than you might realize. From marketing expert, business consultant and public relations strategist Ralph Masengill comes an easy-to-read guide that acknowledges the emotions triggered by

How to Make an Online Logo with DesignEvo

Surely you have needed a logo on occasion and you have not known how to do it. DesignEvo is a free online application that will help you to generate a logo design in a very easy way. Before using it, let’s know more about it. Requirements to create a logo with DesignEvo The first thing is to

HOW TO COPE UP WITH STRESS DURING EXAMS : Mrinmay Das, Senior Consultant, Behavioural Sciences, Jaypee Hospial, Noida

  Exams are on their way and it’s likely that students might experience more stress and anxiety than usual. Feeling a degree of stress and nervousness about exams is completely a normal reaction. Every person has a different level tolerance for stress and a different way of responding to it. Although exam stress can sometime

European industry launches new online platform on how to best recycle electronic waste

In an attempt to respond to recyclers’ quest for information about the presence of materials and components in electronic waste that require separate treatment, producers and producer responsibility organisations have teamed up to create “Information for Recyclers – I4R”, a unique one-stop source platform aimed at providing a whole range of information and guidance on

How to Burn ISO to DVD with iSeePassword WizBurn

A sole file that contains packed of archived contents from a CD/DVD is knows as the ISO image. There are tons of programs that helps to burn ISO images in any Windows operating system including Windows and Windows Vista. However, the latest Windows 7 and Windows 10 introduced more new features to burn ISO image

How to keep your employees stress free at work – Rohit Aggarwal, CEO, Koenig Solutions

A highly competitive workspace, hovering deadlines and a pressure-cooker like environment are realities of our time. Our highly connected lifestyles have magnified work stress with long working hours, disturbed sleeping patterns, sedentary lives and lack of relaxation. Resultantly, most working professionals today are stressed and suffer from symptoms such as backache, neck pain, headaches etc.

How To Prepare For Civil Services Exams – A.K. Mishra, Director Chanakya I.A.S Academy 

How To Prepare For Civil Services Exams – A.K. Mishra, Director Chanakya I.A.S Academy Regularity: In daily routine there is not any ideal time to study because it has to be suited with the needs and requirement of the student. But regularity must be there. Even if you are studying for 5-6 hours which are the

How to manage your family finance when all the family members are earning? – Destimoney Advisors, CEO Brijesh Parnami

Who is managing your family finance?   Managing family finances is an essential part of one’s life.  It is not enough if you are just earning, but it is essential to know how that money that you earn is managed.  Managing your money could mean various things.  These include saving for any specific purpose such

How To Profit From Land Investment:Sachin Agarwal, CMD – Maple Shelters

Many property investors do not consider investment options beyond apartments or office spaces. Flats and other forms of built-up real estate are attractive to short-term investors because they can readily be sold when prices have risen sufficiently. However, investment in land is the more profitable option over the longer term because it offers higher gains

How To Succeed In Property Investment: Kishor Pate, CMD – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

Getting into real estate investment without a proper understanding of what you aim to achieve is not advisable. There are many risks involved in real estate investment. However, with the right data and advice, you can definitely succeed in property investment. Here is a general blueprint: To begin, you should know what the odds are.