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Indians Make the Most of Summer Holidays; 30% of Bookings done for Thailand in the Summer Season

Indian travel sites saw more than 50% sales in the last week of May, during the summer season New Delhi–June, 13, 2018 – Criteo, the leading commerce marketing technology company, reveals that Indian holidaymakers aren’t just dreaming of the perfect getaway during summer break – they’re booking them too. Criteo’s recent travel report provides an

Opportunity for Indians to Experience Research in Germany – Green Talents Award 2018

Become a Green Talent, promote your sustainability research in Germany and gain exclusive access to a remarkable network of excellent young researchers.   New Delhi, 8th , May 2018 | Sustainable development is the fundament to preserve our earth for present and future generations by finding a balance between the need for socio-economic development and the

Over 79% Indians Vitamin D deficient, 19% suffer from high blood sugar says SRL diagnostics data

  –       Nutritional disorders prevalent in urban areas, 38 % women suffer from anaemia –       Uric Acid, lipid profile tests also come up with worrisome statistics –       Preventive health check-up, need of the hour   New Delhi, April 6, 2018: Increasing urbanisation coupled with rapidly changing lifestyles is leading to deficiencies across several important health


67% of the people in a relationship have felt that their significant other was more interested in their internet connected device than in them 77% of the people in India think that the use of technology gets in the way of relationships today 89% Indians would be concerned if their significant other did not take

Adulterated milk and its impact on fertility in Indians

New Delhi: Milk is known for its numerous health benefits in people of all age groups ranging from children to old people. But lately the problem of adulteration of food products has multiplied to alarming extents thus posing serious health issues. Milk and dairy products are no exception. Cattle are fed with many steroids and

Perceptions are not reality, Indians need to be better informed: Ipsos Study

  Indians one of the most inaccurate nationalities in their perceptions of key issues of national importance   Mumbai, 15 December, 2017 —India receive the dubious honour of being the 5 most inaccurate in their perceptions on key global issues according to Ipsos’ latest “Perils of Perception” survey. The Ipsos survey highlights how wrong the

More Than Half of Indians Have Felt Anxiety Over Being Unplugged: McAfee Study

  Easy Accessibility to Unsecured Wi-Fi Leads Vacationers to Risk Their Privacy     Almost one-third (67%) Indians admitted that they would want to completely unplug on a vacation if not for work obligations 68% of Indian parents allow their children to use internet connected devices when they travel with their children 86% of Indians

Majority of Indians pay for their own medical expenses: Cigna 360° Well-Being Survey

Majority of Indians pay for their own medical expenses: Cigna 360° Well-Being Survey   ~ More Indians using health apps to track and monitor medical symptoms ~ ~ Heart disease, diabetes and accidents top health concerns ~ ~ Unemployment, cost of living and food safety are key socio-economic issues ~   New Delhi, November 29,

Indians ready to capitalise on Dubai’s lucrative real-estate industry

–          A majority of investors seeking property within the range of INR 3.24 Crore to INR 6.5 Crore –          33% of potential buyers interested in apartments, while 17% looking for villas October 17, 2017, Mumbai, India: When it comes to buying property in Dubai, Indian investors are quite willing to shell out big sums, as per a recent

Majority of Indians Think Role of Women in Society is to be Good Mothers and Wives: Ipsos Study

Mumbai, May 17, 2017: Majority of Indians surveyed (64%) think role of women in society is to be good mothers and wives revolving around home, according to Ipsos Global Trends Survey 2017. As part of the Global Trends study, Ipsos examined global attitudes toward the role of women, parenting, and family across 22 countries by