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Der Schrei der Sozial (the Scream of Social), Part I – Sumanta Adhikary

They are short, pithy statements that have been bequeathed to us by the ancients. Statements – call them sermons if you may, that are sweeping in nature, but precise in their message. Yes, I am talking about proverbs – ditties of advice that are based on common sense, are born out of experience and expresses

Twitter leads Facebook and Instagram in B2B channel initiatives, according to Pulp Strategy’s Future of Content 2017 report

Amongst non-conventional B2B channels, Twitter steers ahead of Facebook (25.3%) and Instagram (18%) by garnering the approval of 47% marketers   New Delhi, 18 July, 2017: 75% of marketers chose Instagram as their most preferred channel for sharing image-based content, while Twitter and Facebook garnered brand approval ratings of 63% and 56% respectively for the

The Social Media Butterflies – Chawm Ganguly

Do women, especially women in India, approach the social media differently when compared to their male counterparts? Innocuous as it may seem, it is indeed a trick question for various reasons. For one, those asking the question are primarily marketers who want the answer to push whatever they are selling. Secondly, and more importantly, because

HDFC RED brings nostalgia and excitement back to the fore with its unique Instagram photography campaign,#LanesByLens

MacbookAir, a smartphone and Amazon/Flipkart vouchers worth Rs 10,000 are up for grabs for the winners Mumbai, December 13th, 2016:HDFC RED,a digital marketplace for home buyers and developers, aims to bring back the importance of the lanes in our lives, through the medium of the lens. The Instagram campaign#LanesByLenswas kick started by a photo walk

Abbreviations for the Mobile Optimised Male (MOM) – Chawm Ganguly

Remember the time when FB meant football – yes, the kind of which CR7 and Messi and Neymar are the Princes? Or when G+ was something that builders constructed, ground up?  Or even before that, when IG was simply Mrs. Indira Gandhi? Well, not any more – the abbreviations have different meanings now. The Girl

When was the last time you went out for dinner with your wife? – Chawm Ganguly

Chawm Ganguly eats out with Facebook and Instagram and Twitter for Company Went out for Dinner with Wife last night. Now-a-days, it takes way longer to go out, as, after she’s dressed and dolled, she has to update her status to “Going out for Dinner” in some 37 social media platforms. “We’ll go to Tipu’s”

Your Hompage or Mine? Love in the times of 4G – Chawm Ganguly

Growing up in a typically middleclass, co-educational school back in the Eighties – around the time Michel Jackson was Moonwalking “Beat-it” – love was all about letters. Seemingly endless tomes, professing affection that begun with “quotations” from Medieval English poems and were in fact, collaborative efforts. Typically, one wrote it (he with the neatest handwriting),

Nokia brings new innovations to design and imaging with six new devices, applications and experiences

Nokia’s latest family of products builds upon industry leading design, advanced camera features and unique applications and experiences to make life easier and more fun News at-a-glance: – Designed to work anywhere, Nokia’s first Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520, offers combined LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity and is designed to deliver the best outdoor and indoor

Just another post in the wall

I was out for a day. Out of the city, sans my mobile phone and deliberately unwired – no laptop, no tablet, no android, no blackberry – absolutely unarmed, unprotected, a sitting bird (as opposed to birds of a feather tweeting together). It was like going to a detox center. Socialaholics  Anonymous. Naturally the moment