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2018 – The year of intelligence and disruption

The pace at which human-machine technologies are evolving and getting seamlessly integrated into our lives is unimaginable. On National Technology Day 2018, here’s a look at the top technologies that are impacting the way we think, love and communicate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Undoubtedly, this is the biggest trend that has grown exponentially. Combined with

Luxury and intelligence combined, VU unveils the new Iconium Series with 4K UHD SMART LED

Mumbai, October, 2015:An all new addition of luxury television series with world class technology hasarrived! Envy to your city, VU televisions launchesits latest innovation – theIconium Series with 4K UHD SMART LED. Making your visual experience truly future ready, the television company introduces a television with 4X high definition and intelligent features. Available in 55’

New Anaren “Sensor Element Library” Enables Easy Integration of Sensor Drivers and Intelligence into IoT Devices 

Anaren Launches Atmosphere Sensor Partnership Program to support its Wireless Connectivity Ecosystem Syracuse, NY | June 10, 2015 – Anaren announced today at Sensors Expo 2015 that it has launched a new Atmosphere Sensors Partnership Program that introduces a suite of proven sensor technologies and tools into Anaren’s wireless connectivity ecosystem. A key feature of the