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New Partnership to Catalyse Sustainable Development Investments for Developing Countries

The Sustainable Development Investment Partnership (SDIP), which includes the World Economic Forum, aims to mobilize $100 billion in private financing over five years The founding members include the governments of Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, USA and UK The SDIP aims to create investment opportunities in water, sanitation, transport, green energy, agriculture, health, telecommunications

Winners of the Sankalp Africa Awards for High Impact SMEs Announced

12 SMEs from around Africa showcased to an audience of 450 investors, donors, advisors and other SME sector supporters, 4 win awards at the first ever Sankalp Africa Summit in Nairobi.   Indian High Commissioner to Kenya, joined by the global head of Shell Foundation & Head of DFID Kenya also in attendance   Africa

Political and Economic Inclusion Critical to Successful Transitions

Political and economic inclusion is critical for successful transitions in MENA region countries Governments in these countries are being pressured to implement reforms very quickly Dead Sea, Jordan, 25 May 2013 – Political and economic inclusion is critical to successful transitions to prosperity and stability in the region, according to political and business leaders and academics