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It’s not about the technology. Faster, better internet needs different financing models

Best-connected users have 200 times greater internet capacity than do users in parts of Africa and Asia. By 2040, closing the connectivity gap will require a $1 trillion investment There is a disconnect between the exponential growth of internet use, infrastructure demands of next-generation technologies and current financing models New World Economic Forum report highlights

Women Online Safety Summit To Headline Solutions for A Safer & Equal Internet

New Delhi: In the light of increased online security breaches and sexual harassment of women through online portals, SheThePeople.TV is all set to launch “Online Safety Summit for Women” at the Taj Hotel, Mansingh Road, New Delhi on 04th August 2017.  With some eminent speakers from India and around the world, this action-packed summit supported

Blockchain: The Next Generation of the Internet

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, signals the beginning of a new era of the internet that will be defined by value rather than information, according to a World Economic Forum white paper However, its potential for transforming industries and society will require new kinds of cooperation between stakeholders Blockchain authorities Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

Global survey reveals the impact of declining trust in the Internet on e-commerce

24 April 2017 (Geneva) – A new global survey reveals that Internet users are increasingly concerned about their online privacy, and that 49 percent of users polled say lack of trust is their main reason for not shopping online. The survey, conducted by Ipsos and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), in collaboration with

How IoT and Internet Will Converge –  Bruce Zhou, CEO, AXILSPOT

~ A brief view of two core areas where synchronization between IoT and Internet technologies is seamlessly happening ~ Connecting machines, devices, sensors, and other things of daily use with an intelligent network and make sense out of them, has huge promises to change everyday life. As can be expected by taking in our entire

Over four in five APAC online consumers access the internet daily on their smartphones: GfK

Messaging apps are most utilised with over half agreeing that they text more than talk on their smartphones Singapore, July 13, 2016 – With the escalating penetration of smartphones and improving internet infrastructure across APAC, the mobile device has become consumers’ primary gateway to the internet. According to a recent GfK study, accessing the internet

Internet is disrupting life, says Gul Panag

Internet is disrupting life, says Gul Panag Chandigarh, Nov 8: In a session on ‘Virtually Yours’ at Literati 2015 here at the Lake Club today morning, cofounder of Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS) and author Vivek Atray moderated a session with Gul Panag, Chandra Shekhar Varma and Sandeep Roy discussing the way digital media is changing

Empowerment of a common man through internet – predicted long back?

Let me drag a story I just came across. In one recent day at a busy street of Kolkata, a friend of mine was looking for a taxi. The driver being responsible of his duty asked her to use the mobile app for availing a discount. Having no such app downloaded in her mobile, the

Rajat Berry on innovation, creativity,web development and the internet of CSIPL things.

Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is toed to logical structure. – Albert Einstein Eminent personalities from centuries have been able to innovate new dimensions only because they have an innate desire to create. And this desire is one of the most rigid requirement one need to possess for having

Silver Peak Sets Sights on New Enterprise Network: Unifies Cloud, Internet, and WAN on Single Fabric

Silver Peak Unity Shines Light on Shadow IT  August 14, 2014 – Silver Peak today unveiled Unity, a groundbreaking intelligent wide area network (WAN) fabric that unifies the enterprise network with the public cloud.  Unlike traditional WAN optimization solutions, Unity correlates information about cloud services and Internet “weather” to intelligently route traffic over a secure,