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Google is the Most Influential Brand: Ipsos Study

New Delhi, August 01, 2018: Affluent Indians have chosen their winners. Google has emerged as the Most Influential Brand (MIB) of circa 2017. And technology and e-tailing brands have taken up other places in the top five positions, as per Ipsos Most Influential Brands (MIB) study. Amazon is at the number 2 spot, followed by

73% Indians Interested in 2018 Winter Olympics: Ipsos Study

Mumbai, Feb 21, 2018: India’s miniscule participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics at PeongChang, South Korea notwithstanding, at least 73% Indians say they are interested in the 2018 Winter Olympics, being held between Feb 09-25, 2018, as per the Ipsos Global Advisor Survey. “India this year is participating in two categories – Jagdish Singh in

Perceptions are not reality, Indians need to be better informed: Ipsos Study

  Indians one of the most inaccurate nationalities in their perceptions of key issues of national importance   Mumbai, 15 December, 2017 —India receive the dubious honour of being the 5 most inaccurate in their perceptions on key global issues according to Ipsos’ latest “Perils of Perception” survey. The Ipsos survey highlights how wrong the