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Beyond Populism; mixed bag for Indians: Ipsos Survey

New Delhi, Sept. 27, 2018: A new survey by Ipsos to capture elements beyond populism finds that Indians are optimistic about the future of India, have confidence in most macro institutions, are quite rigid about their leaders and leadership style, but largely feel the system is broken. Conducted online among adults aged under 65 in

Fake News, filter bubbles, post truth afflict others: Ipsos Survey

Majority of Indians can spot Fake News, though not every time Indians’ trust in politicians and media is declining New Delhi, Sept. 13, 2018: According to a new survey by Ipsos and as a part of the long running series on misperceptions of social realities – The Perils of Perception – more number of Indians

Indians’ paradox on Human Rights – Espouse benefits for a just society; warn of misuse by wrong elements: Ipsos Survey  

Indians want Women, children and older people protected most under Human Rights ICRC and HRC lauded most for their work   New Delhi, August 30, 2018 –  According to a new survey by Ipsos on Human Rights, Indians are aware about the broad contours of Human Rights with the majority of them advocating the merits

83% Indians are aware of the World Cup 2018; 85% Claim to be watching Soccer: Ipsos Survey

Soccer is a social experience for Indians – watched with family, friends, work colleagues High approval ratings among Indians for the host country Russia; 6 in 10 Indians will watch FIFA World Cup on the Big Screen (on TV). More than two in ten respondents who are aware of the FIFA World Cup 2018, believe

Sexual harassment is the biggest equality issue facing women around the world and in India – Ipsos Survey on International Women’s Day

  Mumbai, March 07, 2018: Sexual Harassment has emerged as the biggest equality issue facing women globally and in India, close on the heels are other distressing issues of sexual violence, domestic abuse, physical violence, sexualisation of women and girls in media, etc. To mark International Women’s Day, and in the wake of the #metoo