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Food Habits of Indians: Ipsos Study

74% Indians are content with their current body weight; 63% Indians are willing to eat a plant based substitute for meat The study busts myths about Indians Indians are making informed choices; experimenting; moving away from norms   New Delhi, January 14, 2019: According to a new study by Ipsos that explores world’s food habits, insights

Ipsos India launches TrueFace

Indigenous Recruitment Screening App for Qualitative Research New Delhi, December 10, 2018: Ipsos India has launchedTrueFace, an indigenously developed recruitment screening app, for Qualitativeresearch. Developed by the Ipsos India Mobile First team, the app uses face recognition technology in real time which helps identify repeat respondents. This is of utmost importance to field and research

Indians enthused about Self Driving cars: Ipsos Study

Endorse features and benefits of Self Driving Cars   New Delhi, July 17, 2018: Half of Indians surveyed say they can’t wait to use Self Driving cars and another 46% say they find the idea intriguing, as per a new global study by Ipsos.  The third largest market research firm surveyed more than 21,000 adults

Online Transaction on the Rise: Ipsos Study

Mumbai, November 08, 2017: Online Banking usages in India has increased to 78% (a jump of 43% in 3 years) according to an online Ipsos study exploring the changes in shopping habits and environments. Similarly making travel reservation online has increased to 72% (a 32% jump in 3 years) and buying books online has moved

Majority of Indians Think Role of Women in Society is to be Good Mothers and Wives: Ipsos Study

Mumbai, May 17, 2017: Majority of Indians surveyed (64%) think role of women in society is to be good mothers and wives revolving around home, according to Ipsos Global Trends Survey 2017. As part of the Global Trends study, Ipsos examined global attitudes toward the role of women, parenting, and family across 22 countries by