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St. Xavier’s University and Vision 2020 – Fr. Dr. Xavier Savarimuthu, SJ

Bistirno dupare, Oshonkho manusher, Hahakar shuneo, Nishobde nirobe, O Ganga tumi, Ganga boicho kano? “Amidst all the lament and despair of the millions around you, O Ganges, how can you flow on so silently?- with this bewildering question echoing in their hearts, on 28th November, 1859, 157 years ago, seven Jesuit pilgrims from Belgium ventured

Siemens to modernize off-gas cleaning system in Tata Steel’s converter steel plant in India

  • Tata Steel invests in environmental technology • New system will lower emissions to meet stipulated limit values Siemens Metals Technologies has received an order from Tata Steel, an Indian steel producer, to modernize the secondary emission system in LD2 shop in Jamshedpur. The aim is to reduce emissions – both in the plant

Bio Ceramics for affordable health care

Kolkata, 10th June 2013: World’s population is ageing and millions of people receive implants to maintain their quality of life as the age. Problem is the need for materials with appropriate properties that will survive as long as the patient is using them. Applications of Bio Ceramics include replacement for hips, knees, teeth, tendons ligaments