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Introducing the AlpinerX Outdoors Smartwatch Kickstarter Campaign Announcement We come to Kickstarter to let the community influence design and specification. Back in 1903, the Alpinists, a group of Alpina watchmakers and retailers would get together to decide on future designs. Kickstarter is the modern version of that heritage of collaboration, where the Kickstarter Backers are the Alpinists. Alpina offers the Kickstarter

Mistbox launches as a service on Kickstarter to cut AC usage by 30%

Mistbox helps users save an average of 30% on cooling bills by pre-cooling intake air and boosting AC efficiency HOUSTON, TX – June 15, 2017 – Mistbox, a connected energy-saving device for your air-conditioner, is launching their second version on Kickstarter today as a service to help lower your cooling bills. Mistbox attaches to your

The Cauldron Wizarding Pub & Inn to launch on Kickstarter

New crowdfunding project brings the magic of books to life using technology and design A wizarding pub will soon launch on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with the promise of bringing the magic of the wizarding universe to life with technology, design, and the Internet of Things. The Cauldron Wizarding Pub & Inn is looking to