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ToneTag launches Audio Pod

A device which is redefining Payments   Bangalore, August 2017: From the invention of wheels and flint stone tools to Nano-technology and artificial intelligence, man has always produced technologies and machines that make his life easier. In today’s world, technology is everywhere! Everything we do involves technology. It is completely integrated into our lives and the

ToneTag announces a round of strategic fundraising that brings a league of experts on board to boost its cashless network

Arun Seth, T.V. Mohandas Pai, Deepak Ghaisas , Anand Chandrasekaran and  T K Kurien join ToneTag along with other global investors India, November 2016: ToneTag, a sound-based proximity payment company, is pleased to announce a round of strategic funding, which brings on board, a group of technology evangelists and digital payment crusaders.  Arun Seth is