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foodpanda launches next generation mobile food delivery application

Berlin, July 1st: foodpanda/hellofood becomes a truly mobile company with its revolutionarily upgraded app in a brand-new overall design. The most global online food delivery marketplace released the new generation of its mobile app, offering easy access to the menus of more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 40 countries across four continents. The new

Begin a great journey with something sweet…with PATCHI!!!

Celebrate the festive season Patchi chocolates – The world’s leading premium chocolate brand   Mumbai, October,2013 : Usher in the festive season with bright lights, fireworks and mouth-watering sweets from  Patchi, one of the world’s leading premium chocolate brands announces its irresistible range of exquisite chocolates, Sugar free and packaging for the festive season.  

Minakhee Mishra’s art builds bridges with the Arab World

On 11.9.2013 the Ahmedia Gallery in Dubai opened its warm doors to showcase the Art works of more than 20 artists, of varied nationalities. It was enthralling to see enthusiastic and talented artists from Scotland, Lebanon and India. Their art works depicted various styles, techniques, expressions and perspectives. It was a scrumptious feast for art

Could we Soon See a Major Spike in Oil Prices? Umesh Shanmugam

This week:My take on oil price predictions and the anxiety over a potential US strike on Syria … The specter of a US strike on Syria continues to haunt us, as talking heads debate whether the Obama administration is attempting to delay by asking for Congress’ permission, or whether it’s just hoping to have someone