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Gunn 100: Lessons from the world’s best creative campaigns revealed

A year of ‘purpose’ Creativity meets tech Emotion drives film-led work A shift from mass to precise media London, 9 May 2018 – Purpose, technology and emotion are three main recurring themes of the world’s best creative campaigns finds Gunn Report, the global index of creative, effective and media excellence in advertising. Following an analysis of

Surviving Crypto Bubble – Lessons from History

Terabytes of articles have been written comparing the historical rise in the price of Bitcoin to the Dotcom bubble of the late 1990’s.  The speculation in new technology companies, particularly by individuals, drove the US NASDAQ stock market to a record high of 5,132.52 on March 10, 2000.  It then lost 78% of its value.

Capturing the Essence of Humanness: Lessons on Portrait Photography

There’s something so incredibly magical about a perfectly captured portrait. In the world of fine art, those masters that truly wrangle the essence of humanness on a canvas become legendary. Just ask the Mona Lisa. For photographers, that mission is no less critical, or challenging. Portraits are one of those genres that everyone thinks they