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Der Schrei der Sozial (the Scream of Social), Part I – Sumanta Adhikary

They are short, pithy statements that have been bequeathed to us by the ancients. Statements – call them sermons if you may, that are sweeping in nature, but precise in their message. Yes, I am talking about proverbs – ditties of advice that are based on common sense, are born out of experience and expresses

The Social Media Butterflies – Chawm Ganguly

Do women, especially women in India, approach the social media differently when compared to their male counterparts? Innocuous as it may seem, it is indeed a trick question for various reasons. For one, those asking the question are primarily marketers who want the answer to push whatever they are selling. Secondly, and more importantly, because

BESC unveils Insta-garam: a Tweet 4 the Tests

Students, all ye, who spent their college years posting pout-selfies on Facebook and consequently have ended up with enough knowledge to fill a Tweet, take heart. BESC has got the Insta-garam for you. Coming close on the heels of the much acclaimed “Remedial Classes”, where those, who, for whatever reasons, may have missed out the

Social Media for the BFSI and the Blind Men of Indostan – Chawm Ganguly

Social Media for the BFSI and the Blind Men of Indostan Remember the six blind men of Indostan? Yes, the ones that felt the trunk and the tail and the tusk to draw their own conclusions about the shape and the size of the elephant? Well, the way we approach Social Media, especially for the

Chitty, Chitty Linked in Bang, Bang! What will 2013 be like for Social Media? – Chawm Ganguly

Social media has really blown in the face over the last couple of years and dare I say that it has neither attained critical mass, nor has its true potential been gauged. Yes, I say this secure in the knowledge that many of us have already become facebook addicts, that if twitter were a country

Become a good soul, the Social Media will follow

Social Media Marketing, like most things new, have its early adopters, early embracers and a whole world of people vaguely aware of the term – blind men shooting in the darkness on a moonless night. It is simple; it is easy to use and in its simplicity, incomprehensible to the corporate honchos used to their