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It’s an Ad, Mad World! – Anup Kumar Agarwalla

I routinely meet people who try to convince me that what I do for a living – help create dreams that my clients match their goods and services with – is really of no real consequence. That advertising, seldom if ever, create tomes that outlive even their purpose, forget about testing eternity. I will not

RED makes me mad in Hotel Beautifool : Johnny Lever

Harry Singh, is a character played by Johnny Lever in the film ‘Hotel Beautifool’. He will be seen as a manager cum owner of the Hotel in the Film. While interacting with Media, Johnny stated very prominently that, “I never use double meaning dialogues in my film, I change the script myself, my work is

MAD: Scientists shed light on braking mechanisms in cellular signaling

Stanford, CA— A team of researchers studying a flowering plant has zeroed in on the way cells manage external signals about prevailing conditions, a capability that is essential for cells to survive in a fluctuating environment. Researchers at UC Berkeley, the Plant Gene Expression Center, UC San Francisco, and the Carnegie Institution for Science identified