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St. Xavier’s University and Vision 2020 – Fr. Dr. Xavier Savarimuthu, SJ

Bistirno dupare, Oshonkho manusher, Hahakar shuneo, Nishobde nirobe, O Ganga tumi, Ganga boicho kano? “Amidst all the lament and despair of the millions around you, O Ganges, how can you flow on so silently?- with this bewildering question echoing in their hearts, on 28th November, 1859, 157 years ago, seven Jesuit pilgrims from Belgium ventured

Social Media and the politics of the gutter going mainstream – Chawm Ganguly

Should those who live in a Photoshopped World be prepared to die a digital death, or do they simply be prepared to troll away to social media oblivion?  She was once unceremoniously thrown out of the Writer’s Building, literally by the mane of her hair, for having the temerity of sitting in a “dharna” outside

2014 – All is well with Orwell: A sneak peek at what’s in store in the year ahead. Chawm Ganguly

2014 will be an awesome year. Because of a celestial alignment that has never happened hitherto in the brief history of time, things will happen that are destined not only to make jaws go agape, but also to ensure that our worst fantasies come to life. Here’s what I see in the crystal ball –

In Defense of Mamata Banerjee: Destination Resurgent Bengal

Take a state. Subject it to misrule for more than three long decades, systematically purging it of all industrial activities with a committed agenda of destroying its institutions by infiltrating the ranks with loyalists and forcing out the deserving. Add to this fiscal profligacy leading to a state where the exchequer is empty with the