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Sendai nuclear plant is unprotected against large volcano outbreak – Greenpeace

Tokyo, 19 August 2015 – The Japan Meteorological Agency has warned that Mount Sakurajima, one of the most active volcanoes in Japan and situated near the recently restarted Sendai Nuclear Power Plant, is showing signs of an imminent large eruption. Residents have been warned to evacuate. In response, Greenpeace Japan energy campaigner, Mamoru Sekiguchi, said:

Greenpeace warns Sendai nuclear restart will not end nuclear crisis facing Abe government

Tokyo, 11 August 2015 — The restart of the Sendai nuclear reactor today will not reverse the terminal decline of Japan’s nuclear industry, given all nine Japanese nuclear utilities are faced with insurmountable safety issues at their nuclear power plants together with mounting political, public and legal challenges, warns Greenpeace Japan. “Even though one nuclear

Greenpeace investigation exposes failure of Fukushima decontamination program

Abe’s forced return policy condemns residents to radiation risk Tokyo, 21 July 2015 – Radioactive contamination in the forests and land of Iitate district in Fukushima prefecture is so widespread and at such a high level that it will be impossible for people to safely return to their homes, a Greenpeace Japan investigation revealed today. The