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Your Hompage or Mine? Love in the times of 4G – Chawm Ganguly

Growing up in a typically middleclass, co-educational school back in the Eighties – around the time Michel Jackson was Moonwalking “Beat-it” – love was all about letters. Seemingly endless tomes, professing affection that begun with “quotations” from Medieval English poems and were in fact, collaborative efforts. Typically, one wrote it (he with the neatest handwriting),

The 21st Century will belong to Cost and Management Accountants – Pawan Kumar Ruia, Chairman, Ruia Group

Inaugural Speech delivered by Mr Pawan Kumar Ruia at a one-day symposium on ” Cost Audit for Inclusive Growth”, Organized by the Western India Regional Council of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) (as prepared for delivery) Friday, 25th October 2013 at Y.B. Chavan Auditorium, Mumbai   The 21st Century will belong to Cost and Management Accountants Dignitaries

Manifesto of Maha-Kumbh : Arindam Basu

Arindam Basu is a life that is but an extension of the Canon. An alumnus of Chitrabani, Kolkata, Arindam’s passion is tracing the path of great migrations – of sadhus, charlatans and the hanger on’s in search of nirvana and the glam crowd in search of instant, albeit tinsel fame. The Photographer Emeritus of Core

Everything you didnt know about everything you use – Chawm Ganguly

We are a wired world. We check how coke prices are moving in Australia in an analyst’s blog. See what my cousin had for dinner in Arizona last evening on her facebook wall. We order gadgets and goodies online. Search the web for information, goods and services at the drop of a hat, browsing, checking