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Men Who Matter : Monoranjan Roy, Chairman & Managing Director, Pincon

The “Spirit” of Entrepreneurship “Far from the glaring arch-lights of the media, a revolution is brewing in West Bengal, yet unsung, but one that will one day change the way the Nation thinks about fiscal management and good governance in the field of revenue generation” said Monoranjan Roy, the young and dynamic Chairman & Managing

Men who Matter : Prateek N. Kumar, MD & CEO, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions

Prateek N Kumar “THE MILESTONE MAN”, is the CEO & Managing Director of NeoNiche Integrated Solutions. His first successful ‘campaign’ was back in the 7th standard for the ‘client’, his friend running a fire-cracker stall during Diwali. Their full return on investment was a staggering 800%. It has been almost 25 years to the day. And

Men Who Matter : Pawan Kumar Ruia

Pipri, 21 KMs from Renukoot, in Uttar Pradesh. Call it the back of beyond, or the edge of the Hindi heartland, this idyllic town with its pristine environs has made its way into the corporate folklore of India. For, it was here that the irreplaceable Pawan Kumar Ruia, the single handed creator of the Ruia