Montegrappa presents EXTRA 1930

Variations on a theme For nearly 90 years, Montegrappa’s Extra 1930 pen has been the company’s brand-defining writing instrument. For the coming season and beyond, the collection will be offered in two new fresh hues… Inspired by a model born over 80 years ago, Extra 1930 was designed for people who love classic design, original colours and decorations.


The Essence of Life! HEARTWOOD pays homage to that most Italian of values: a love of organic materials and the gifts of Mother Nature. The new pens explore the relationship between man and nature, a precious link that must never be undervalued. Joining the initial three versions of the HEARTWOOD pen is another wood of deep importance and

Montegrappa Honours A Son of the Veneto –Bartolomeo Ferracina

Among the families of pens created by Montegrappa to honour the most notable personages throughout history is Genio Creativo. Following pens inspired by and dedicated to Dalì, Gibran, Stradivari, Modigliani, Canova, Tchaikovsky and Tiziano is a limited edition acknowledging the contributions of watchmaker Bartolomeo Ferracina. For Montegrappa, the honour has an added meaning, as Ferracina

Montegrappa Downsizes!

All it takes is a particular customer request to get us thinking. After all, it’s the customers who buy and use the pens, so they should know what they want! One client asked for something that was both tiny and handy to use, genuinely small enough for any pocket or purse, but which behaved and

Montegrappa presents TCHAIKOVSKY

Creative genius Tchaikovsky To honour this creative genius, Montegrappa has designed two special editions. The first pen, known as White Swan, is limited to 125 fountain pens and 125 rollerball pens, in recognition of the number of years since his death. The pen is made in Black resin for the cap and Ivory White resin

Montegrappa presents Revolver

Montegrappa’s Tech Revolution Following the amazing success of Q1, Montegrappa’s radical take on the way multiple colours can be accommodated in a single pen, Italy’s oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments has again had a “re-think” about how pens operate. Taking its name literally, REVOLVER is the latest limited edition in the CULT series, a

Montegrappa launches its new Atelier

Montegrappa has been the pen of choice for numerous popes, heads-of-state, royalty, superstars, celebrities, top notch entrepreneurs and managers. For over 105 years, we have proudly created customised writing instruments for discerning customers. The demand for made-to-measure creations is returning to levels that rival the boom period of the 1920s and 1930s. With this in


Montegrappa is pleased to announce a diminutive arrival with a bomb potential that’ s proving difficult not to describe as “cute” and “yummy”! The new Black Felicità is like a bar of Black Chocolate, small and vigorous, makes your heart race and keeps your brain running! Made in velvety-pastel Black resin with yellow gold –


To support the growth and development of youth has always been an interest of Montegrappa. Some of the efforts that exceed the regular activities of the company as pen makers have been the support and patronage of projects and young people that excel in diverse disciplines among their communities.   Carlos Maldonado Lara is a


A century after it first appeared, an ageless Montegrappa classic has returned. Launched in 1915, its creators could not have known that they designed an enduring masterpiece that would even find resonance in its name: Reminiscence. This evergreen Elmo & Montegrappa writing instrument, from the early days of both the fountain pen and Montegrappa itself,