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Dr Sovan Roy rewrites the history of Fountain Pen making in India!

Dr Sovan Roy’s Magnum Opus to hit the stands soon! Dr Sovan Roy is a scientist by profession. And, a distinguished one at that, if one were to consider the sheer number of papers published in the professional journals or his long and blemish-less record as a Government servant occupying progressively higher posts. But, it

Desi Quarter – music, passion and life, in full measure!

Desi Quarter – our musical extravaganza was established by Amit Khadikar in October 2016, and our first ever show was on 27th October, 2016 at Cafe 212, Phoenix mall, Pune. The name Desi Quarter represents a musical high that is tuned to our Indian Roots, with a mix of Bollywood, Sufi, Indie & some western

Changing the talent landscape of India: How LiveMe is enabling talented Indians to monetize their passion!

New Delhi: Rehaan Tamta’s sense of humour often has everyone around him in splits. The 30-year-old anchor-cum-producer has been constantly enthralling social media users with his edgy and funny acts. Apart from the gift of gab, Rehaan has wooed a sizeable number of viewers with his melodious voice too. While he has been uploading a

Manish Malhotra believes in passion for work than great qualifications!

Popular fashion designer Manish Malhotra, known for his stylish ensembles, has redefined the world of fashion. It is his exquisite designs that has made him the favorite celebrity designer with an immense fan following. Every budding fashion designer at some point aspires to be like him or work under him. Well, not many know what is that one thing that the

Zurie Design Studio Redefines Passion for Luxury with Walk-in-Wardrobe

Zurie Design Studio which is India’s most revolutionary fashion & luxury brand is all set to delight the connoisseurs with an absolutely enthralling and unprecedented user experience. This time, Zurie comes with Walk-in-Wardrobe (WiW) concept: an opportunity to invite world’s leading brands in statement jewellery and fashion accessories along with Zurie’s expert consultants in social

Azure sow, so shall you reap!

If you are late for three days in a month, at Azure, they don’t deduct a day’s salary, as the generally accepted norm goes. Instead, the salary cheque is withheld for the number of days one attends office late. Pretty radical and one should hasten to add, effective as hell. It is just another example


130 chimes that mark the history of Eberhard & Co., but well over 130 snapshots that immortalise the values and creations which throughout the years since 1887 – when the company was founded by Georges-Lucien Eberhard in La Chaux-de-Fonds – have made up the DNA of the Swiss watchmakers whose name has become synonymous with

10 things that do not require talent (or luck) to make one successful – Chawm Ganguly

10 Common traits of the successful How often do we come across people who rue about not being lucky enough or being talented enough to surge ahead of the competition? They (we?) are constantly cribbing about how the other guys are smarter, luckier and what not which accords them with an unfair edge, which in

Coffee talent and passion take centre stage at the Starbucks Coffee Championship 2016

Starbucks’ Partners from across India battle it out at the grand finale for the coveted ‘Coffee Champion’ title   Mumbai, 28 September 2016: Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. hosted the grand finale of the second edition of its Coffee Championship in India, giving its partners an opportunity to compete with each other on their expertise and knowledge


FREDERIQUE CONSTANT, THE RIVA HISTORICAL SOCIETY AND THEIR ONGOING PASSION FOR RUNABOUTS Geneva, September 10th 2015  As a tribute to its partnership with the Riva Historical Society, Frederique Constant celebrates famous Runabout yachts of the Roaring Twenties by creating an attractive series of limited edition timepieces every year. Last August 7th – 8th, Frederique Constant