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EU project LSFM4LIFE.  A new video to raise awareness about type 1 diabetes (T1D)

Promising new angle on curing type 1 diabetes. The LSFM4LIFE project continues on with the devoted work on finding a long-term solution to cure type 1 diabetes. A sustainable and effective cure for the disease is a very important unmet need that the research performed by the LSFM4LIFE project aims to find a solution for. On

Nestlé India, Government of Rajasthan and NASVI join hands to raise awareness on Food Safety Practices and Hygiene among Street Food Vendors in Jaipur

Nestlé India, Government of Rajasthan and National Association of Street Food Vendors of India (NASVI) have joined hands to train street vendors in Jaipur. The training of street vendors will be conducted by NASVI and will comprise subjects such as health, hygiene, safe food handling, waste disposal and entrepreneurship. The participants will also be provided

MSD Launches Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Serious Health Risks of Sandstorms

Respiratory disease and hospitalization has increased by up to 25% due to sandstorms Kuwait City, Kuwait — April 22nd, 2013–Today, as part of their ongoing commitment to raising awareness of key health problems that affect the local communities in which they work, MSD launched an awareness campaign to educate Kuwaiti citizens on the serious dangers