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Magicbricks poll reveals over 98% of the respondents prefer to invest in real estate in Tier 2 cities

While metro cities are struggling with issues like lack of space, over-population and housing development nearing saturation, it is the Tier 2 cities that have emerged as the next focused investment destinations for real estate buyers in India. Magicbricks, India’s no 1 property site, ran a poll on “Would you like to invest in Tier

What Causes Prices of Real Estate to Appreciate – Anil Pharande, Chairman – Pharande Spaces

Real estate investors are always keen to buy a property when they know that it will gain in capital appreciation – but it is not only property investors who are attracted by this phenomenon. There is also greater interest from end-users for buying rather than renting homes, since real estate appreciation means that their asset

Student Housing – The Next Big Real Estate Asset Class? Subhankar Mitra, Local Director – Strategic Consulting, JLL India

  Globally, student housing is acknowledged as an important and lucrative real estate segment, generally included under ‘alternative’ real estate asset classes. In its current form in India, student housing essentially comprises of buildings that primarily offer residential accommodation for large numbers of students in boarding schools, colleges or universities. However, the residential facilities in

Proposed Rules on the Registration of Properties in West Bengal – Vivek Murarka

According to Eminent Lawyer Vivek Murarka, The State Government has proposed several new rules w.e.f. 1st April, 2017, for registration of properties in West Bengal.The new rule of fragmented duty payment states that the parties can go for registration of Sale Agreement upon payment of 2% stamp duty and the balance stamp duty may be

Home and Hearth, anyone? Nistha Sharma

Traditionally, investment in Gold and Real Estate has provided the best hedges against inflation. As a matter of fact, those who swear by the land they own also point out the fact that real estate investments have historically withstood everything – from stock market crashes to economic meltdowns – and have provided a fair return


 Strong confidence in property market underlined ahead of new development launches at Cityscape Global Dubai, UAE, 3 September 2016:  A survey of home buyers and investors across the GCC and Egypt has shown that real estate is the number one preferred investment, underlining the buoyancy of the regional property market. The Real Estate Barometer study, conducted

What GST Can Do For Real Estate

Anuj Puri – Chairman & Country Head, JLL India The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the most radical taxation reform that is set to alter India’s economic prospects. A single indirect tax, encompassing all goods and services, is surely a welcome change. GST is built into the value-added structure that would eliminate the cascading

GST Implications On Real Estate –  Anil Pharande, Chairman – Pharande Spaces

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), is a kind of a comprehensive indirect tax on sale, manufacture and consumption of different kinds of goods and services throughout India, with all other Central and State taxes intended to be subsumed under it. If this happens, it has far-reaching implications, including on real estate. Taxation and real


Top Chinese property website chief will tell Cityscape Global Conference that UAE can attract greater investment from China   Dubai, UAE, 19 July 2016:  Dubai has a huge opportunity to boost growing real estate investment from Chinese investors in the wake of Britain’s decision to leave the EU, developers and property marketers have been told. Uncertainty

Location Still The Top Consideration For Real Estate Investment- Kishor Pate, CMD – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

Thanks to the fact that prices in the residential property sector have bottomed out across most cities, real estate as an investment class is back on the radar. The investment angle aside, buying a property is also on every end user’s wish list. While looking for a suitable property either for investment or personal use,