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European industry launches new online platform on how to best recycle electronic waste

In an attempt to respond to recyclers’ quest for information about the presence of materials and components in electronic waste that require separate treatment, producers and producer responsibility organisations have teamed up to create “Information for Recyclers – I4R”, a unique one-stop source platform aimed at providing a whole range of information and guidance on

Global protests push Samsung to finally recycle Galaxy Note 7 – Greenpeace

Seoul, 27 March 2017 – Samsung today officially published its plan to deal with the 4.3 million Galaxy Note 7 devices produced and recalled worldwide following battery faults. This major win comes after nearly five months of campaigning and global protests addressing the environmental impact of the recall. “People around the world signed petitions, emailed

Industry Rallies Behind Plan to Recycle 70% of Plastic Packaging Globally

Over 40 industry leaders endorse a global action plan on plastic packaging production, use and after-use The plan, laid out in a new report, The New Plastics Economy: Catalysing Action launched by the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation today, would see global recycling rates for plastic packaging grow from just 14% currently

Waste Management Conclave 2016 hosted by Godrej Good & Green

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Changing Need of Waste Management Waste Management Conclave 2016 hosted by Godrej Good & Green Mumbai, 09 May, 2016: With the commitment to create an inclusive and greener India, Godrej Group today hosted its Third Annual Good & Green Conclave on Waste Management. As a step towards addressing some of the

Recycle with Baggit

Care for the Environment by recycling your old Baggit bag this World Ozone Day! Baggit is known for it’s Eco-friendly bags in the fashion industry, Baggit further extends its hand to the environment with your support. Celebrate a greener and sustainable lifestyle this World Ozone Day with Baggit. Visit a Baggit store with your old