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Reverse Logistics Group launches ‘Clean to Green’ campaign to promote responsible e-waste recycling in India

  Reverse Logistics Group headquartered in Munich, Germany. RLG – a (CIERP) ‘Clean India Electronics Recycling Platform’ is foraying into India to enable producers to fully comply with the legal requirements as given in the E-waste Management Rules and to support formalization of the e-waste informal sector            Campaign to create awareness and sensitise consumers on

In Latin America, Responsive and Responsible Business and Political Leadership is Needed More Than Ever

Government and business leaders have to embrace the future and defend the liberal order to rebuild trust Bridging Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance would be an important step in deepening Latin American integration The World Economic Forum on Latin America 2018 will take place in São Paulo, Brazil For more information on the 2017 meeting:

YouGov’s Survey on the Haze affecting Southeast Asia in Recent Months! Most Respondents Think Palm Oil Companies are Responsible for the Fires that Cause the Haze

The citizens of many Southeast Asian countries have been coping with the effects of significant haze – caused primarily by forest fires burning in the region – in recent months. While the haze seems to be finally under control, that was not the first time SEA has been affected in this way and there have

Promoting Responsible Energy Pricing: Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Center for Global Development, July 31, 2014 As prepared for delivery Good morning! I am delighted to be back at the Center for Global Development, and I would like especially to thank Nancy Birdsall and Lawrence MacDonald for the warm welcome. We all know that CGD combines top-notch intellectual firepower with deep-rooted concern for the