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Rio Tinto achieves first delivery of iron ore with world’s largest robot

Rio Tinto has achieved a significant milestone with the first delivery of iron ore by an autonomous train in the Pilbara, Western Australia. The autonomous train, consisting of three locomotives and carrying around 28,000 tonnes of iron ore, travelled over 280 kilometres from Rio Tinto’s mining operations in Tom Price to the port of Cape Lambert on

Rio Tinto unveils its largest Vivid Pink diamond

12 July 2018 Rio Tinto has unveiled the largest Vivid Pink diamond in the history of its Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, during a world exclusive preview in Sydney. The 3.14 carat polished emerald cut diamond, known as The Argyle Alpha™, is part of the dazzling line-up of 63 rare pink, red and violet diamonds in the 2018

Rio Tinto and Minmetals formalise joint venture for mineral exploration

Rio Tinto and Minmetals have today formalised a Joint Venture Contract to establish a 50:50 joint venture to explore for world-class mineral deposits in China. It follows a Technical Collaboration Contract signed in November 2017 when both parties committed to a collaborative partnership in mineral exploration. The joint venture is subject to regulatory approvals. Rio

Rio Tinto completes the sale of Winchester South for $200 million

Rio Tinto has completed the sale of its 75 per cent interest in the Winchester South coal development project in Queensland, Australia, to Whitehaven Coal Limited. Total consideration of $200 million is comprised of $150 million in cash received today and an unconditional cash payment of $50 million due in 12 months. The sale of

Rio Tinto granted accreditation for AutoHaul® project by rail regulator

Rio Tinto has been granted accreditation by Australia’s Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator approving the autonomous operation of trains at the group’s iron ore business in Western Australia. The AutoHaul® project continues to progress and is on schedule to be completed by the end of 2018. Rio Tinto will take a phased approach

Rio Tinto and Alcoa announce world’s first carbon-free aluminium smelting process

A revolutionary process to make aluminium produces oxygen and replaces all direct greenhouse gas emissions from the traditional aluminium smelting process. Alcoa and Rio Tinto launch new joint venture, Elysis, for larger scale development and commercialisation of the process, with a technology package planned for sale beginning in 2024. Alcoa, Rio Tinto, the Government of

Rio Tinto agrees sale of Winchester South to Whitehaven for $200 million

Rio Tinto has entered into a binding agreement with Whitehaven Coal Limited for the sale of its entire 75 per cent interest in the Winchester South coal development project in Queensland, Australia, for $200 million. Total consideration is comprised of $150 million payable to Rio Tinto by Whitehaven on the date of completion and a

Rio Tinto agrees sale of Hail Creek and Valeria to Glencore for $1.7 billion

Rio Tinto has entered into a binding agreement with Glencore for the sale of its entire interests in the Hail Creek coal mine and the Valeria coal development project in Queensland, Australia, for $1.7 billion. The sale includes Rio Tinto’s 82.0 per cent interest in the Hail Creek operating mine and its 71.2 per cent

Rio Tinto strengthens presence in Mongolia

Rio Tinto is further strengthening its presence in Mongolia, underscoring its commitment to the country. Rio Tinto will establish a new office in Ulaanbaatar and expand its national employee numbers to around 80 through the course of 2018. The new Rio Tinto office will support the company’s exploration programme and technology centre and have a

Rio Tinto receives a binding offer for Aluminium Dunkerque

  Rio Tinto has received a binding offer from Liberty House to acquire Rio Tinto’s Aluminium Dunkerque smelter in northern France for $500 million, subject to final adjustments. In accordance with French law, Rio Tinto will launch a consultation process with employees, relevant European works councils and other stakeholders in relation to the bid. Subject