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Latin America grows but faces the risks of unfair competition

Alacero – Cartagena de Indias, November 7th, 2018. Despite signs of recovery for two consecutive years, Latin America has been struggling from the effects of China and Turkey imports. The main theme discussed throughout the Alacero-59 Congress was the concern about increased imports and declining exports in the region, despite the prospect of ending 2018

Paladion discover new vulnerabilities in Joomla; Helps Joomla Developers Stop Cybersecurity Risks

Rapid Identification of Vulnerabilities in Joomla Patches Enables Speedy Corrections for Users New Delhi, 10 April, 2018, Paladion, a global cyber defense company, recently discovered vulnerabilities in extensions for the content management system Joomla that could leave users exposed to hackers. As an open source software, Joomla has more than 2 million live users and contributors.

Positive Economic Outlook but Protectionism, Uncertainty and Strong Dollar Pose Risks

Global growth is accelerating, with economic activity increasing in most regions of the world Signs of inflation are starting to emerge as business and consumer confidence grows Tail risks are substantial, however: political uncertainty, trade protectionism and the path of the US dollar could derail the reflation story For more information on the Annual Meeting,

Damascus Water Shortage Risks Pandemic

Toronto, ON-  UOSSM is deeply concerned with the water shortage in Damascus which puts 4 million civilians at great risk. The two primary sources of drinking water- Wadi Barada and Ain-el-Fijah which provide water for 70 percent of the population of Damascus, were attacked and heavily damaged. They have not been operational since December 22.

Indians Most Willing To Share Personal Information Knowing The Risks While On Vacation Finds Intel Security

Email, Geo-Tagging and Social Media Activities Can Jeopardize Consumers’ Security While Traveling      NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Intel Security conducted a global study across 14 countries including India to better understand consumers’ digital behaviors while traveling Digital Detox: Unplugging on Vacation’ study reveals – Indians are far ahead than global peers in sharing sensitive information using


PA Consulting Group study shows organisations in UAE, Saudi, Qatar must develop staff to think creatively to boost productivity Abu Dhabi, UAE, 30 August 2015: Management in the Gulf need to take more risks and develop staff to think creatively, according to a new global innovation survey designed to help companies stop wasting their best ideas

Risks of excessive trading – Dheer Kothari

Trading on the stock market is like a double-edged sword. If it works you mint money, if it doesn’t you lose a cash pile and peace of mind! This is particularly so in volatile markets. The opportunity or temptation to make a quick buck is maximum when the markets are volatile. You must have heard