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AMD Helps Jaldhaara Foundation Provide Safe Drinking Water to 50,000 People in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, 24 April, 2017: AMD, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative has collaborated with Jaldhaara Foundation, the NGO partner of WaterHealth India, to provide access to safe drinking water to people living in the low income community of Kumbar Kotai in Bengaluru. With AMD’s support, the community can get potable water from the

Safe Water Network Introduces “Water ATM” to Provide Affordable and Reliable Safe Drinking Water to Underprivileged

NEW DELHI, March 22, 2017: Safe Water Network India (SWN), a not-for-profit organization that has demonstrated leadership in providing affordable, reliable, sustainable, and safe off-grid drinking water solutions, has launched “Water ATM” in the areas that suffer acute groundwater contamination. This initiative enables consumers to purchase 20 liters of safe drinking water at any time

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