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Social Media Top 10 FAQ’s – Chawm Ganguly

Q1. We have a website which is fairly informative. Isn’t that enough? A website is like a departmental store and the information contained therein is like the goods displayed on the shelves. But what good is a store if there are no customers? Customers are “web traffic”, the visitors to your website / store. Social

How to write Search Engine Optimised Content – Chawm Ganguly

It’s not easy being a writer these days, especially if you are from my generation when your first and only criterion was to write grammatically correct English that would pass muster. Okay, so you graduated to writing mush – love letters and ditty’s that were are sure fire winner with the ladies waiting to bloom.

We can Social Media Integrate you and your business.

Even as you read this, the social media space is abuzz with excitement. Presidential candidates are running their election campaigns. Irate customers and disgruntled employees are voicing their dissent. Norwegian protesters are posting their anguish about fishing in Japan. While tech savvy companies are connecting their brands with customers, grabbing the eyeballs that matter. Yes,