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Social organisation Gandhi Vichar Manch demands a separate ministry to address welfare for senior citizens

Senior citizens are a challenge and an opportunity Mumbai:In India there are millions of senior citizens and their position in an advanced and developing country is really a sensitive issue. Government constitutes concern for the senior citizens which are not properly initiated. How should they fend for themselves and solve their problems and take concrete


Etihad Airways has introduced a first-of-its-kind senior citizens’ package offering enhanced privileges for the over 60s travelling from India to the United States of America. Senior citizens flying from any of Etihad Airways’ 11 Indian gateway cities can benefit from added value services, including a 24/7 helpline number, pre-flight travel and medical checklist support and

ElderEase Launches First Store For Senior Citizens in Kolkata

  Kolkata, December 3, 2015: Seniors in Kolkata can put a smile on their faces, especially those who may be financially stable though not so in body. The days are not far when these aged men and women in the city can replace much of their dependence on other human beings by implements now increasingly

PepperTap making senior citizens self sufficient in grocery shopping

The internet is just not for young and working population anymore as more and more senior citizens are joining the online e-grocery shopping spree.  Senior citizens often struggle to get their groceries, especially during the winter months or when they’re not feeling well. When going to the store becomes a problem, they usually depend on

Sexy Bengali what have you done? You have fooled everyone – Chawm Ganguly

Happy New Noboborsho Another Year Gone. Swoosh! Just like that – a Nike logo. Our pockets are empty, our dreams are dead and the Change we had gifted ourselves has become a dread. But was the year that went by, really, truly that bad? Surely, we have learnt so much, achieved such seemingly impossible feats