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Social Media for the BFSI and the Blind Men of Indostan – Chawm Ganguly

Social Media for the BFSI and the Blind Men of Indostan Remember the six blind men of Indostan? Yes, the ones that felt the trunk and the tail and the tusk to draw their own conclusions about the shape and the size of the elephant? Well, the way we approach Social Media, especially for the

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Abbreviations for the Mobile Optimised Male (MOM) – Chawm Ganguly

Remember the time when FB meant football – yes, the kind of which CR7 and Messi and Neymar are the Princes? Or when G+ was something that builders constructed, ground up?  Or even before that, when IG was simply Mrs. Indira Gandhi? Well, not any more – the abbreviations have different meanings now. The Girl

Social Media Top 10 FAQ’s – Chawm Ganguly

Q1. We have a website which is fairly informative. Isn’t that enough? A website is like a departmental store and the information contained therein is like the goods displayed on the shelves. But what good is a store if there are no customers? Customers are “web traffic”, the visitors to your website / store. Social

Become a good soul, the Social Media will follow

Social Media Marketing, like most things new, have its early adopters, early embracers and a whole world of people vaguely aware of the term – blind men shooting in the darkness on a moonless night. It is simple; it is easy to use and in its simplicity, incomprehensible to the corporate honchos used to their